We are happy to announce that Triangle Direct will be exhibiting at the Internet Retailer show in Chicago on June 8th-11th. We’ll be at booth #114 in the McCormick Place Exhibition hall. So if you want to take a look at SEOTool, discuss our link building campaigns, or just drop by for a chat, Tony, Keith, Scott and Jason will look forward to meeting you.

When it comes to any kind of online marketing, the bottom line should always be results. As a marketing company, how can you generate revenue for your clients as quickly as possible? This is oft ignored and has always been the gorilla in the room in terms of new developments in the industry. The landscape is littered with great ideas. You can go out and find hundreds of widgets and plugins that will do a host of cool things, but don’t help company revenues in the slightest. It is in this area where Triangle Direct Media has been always been very strong. It is our focus and the root of our success. In looking at new services we conduct intensive and comprehensive testing on how they will impact natural search and the revenues of our clients. When we looked at adding social media marketing programs,  we went through the same process as we did with any of our other offerings. Obviously it was a service clients were asking for, but would it really impact revenues? Happily, after extensive research we narrowed down the very long list of Social Media outlets to the ones we knew would be influential for natural search and another great Triangle Direct program was born.

After a long absence writing, I am back to posting regularly in this blog. A lot has changed since we started Triangle Direct back in 2006. The main thing for me is that we have seen blogging and social media turn into so much more than we could ever have anticipated. The means to express yourself and share opinions and thoughts with millions of people has never been more available both to individuals and to companies. With Search engines incorporating social media more into their algorithms, companies have to figure out how to leverage this great new (ish) mechanism and turn it to their advantage. Over the next few months, I will be talking about what is happening now in the world of social media, and how Triangle Direct is helping companies harness the awesome power of collective opinion.

If you’re good at what you do you should have a lot of industry knowledge, advice and experiences to share with everyone.  What better place to share information than the internet where you can reach the billions of current Internet users around the World?  67% of these global Internet users visit online social networks, with 10% of total online time spent on these social media sites.  Technorati‘s most recent figure of indexed blogs currently stands at 133 million, tracking on average 900,000 blog posts created within a single 24-hour period. That is a lot of content being created and today businesses are striving to be visible in search engine rankings.

Marketing agencies are doing away with traditional marketing strategies and adopting new media marketing tools to help their clients succeed in the rough economy. Social networking and blogging has become the fourth most popular online activities, even surpassing personal email. A survey reveals that 64% of marketers utilize social media for over five hours a week to carry out their client’s campaigns, with 39% using it for over 10 hours per week.  Businesses are saving money by relying on new media marketing companies, such as Triangle Direct Media, that have knowledge of the best use of effective search marketing tactics to leave a footprint in social media.

survey-imageThe power of blogging is nowhere near the end of it’s time as the number of online bloggers are increasing exponentially.  With so many potential consumers online today businesses are able to utilize blogs for brand awareness, relationship building, consumer feedback, and search engine visibility. Businesses can create a face for their brand, have an online presence and establish themselves as a leader in their industry via business blogging.  According to a survey by Blogads, the most trusted media source for useful information among readers are blogs.

Business blogging allows brands to obtain an audience of current and potential consumers to encourage participation and interaction about the company and it’s industry.  Discussions about current sales, new products, and industry related news gives consumers more insight to your brand and influences their buying decisions.  Combining business blog marketing with other new media marketing techniques allows for  an effective alternative to traditional marketing strategies that are beginning to fade, letting you become a recognized expert in your industry.

Are you a social media leader, or just a follower?  This is an interesting question brought up by Examiner.com and commonly asked by many other social media gurus.  The question comes down to what you want to accomplish through social media.  Is it simply just a networking tool for you, or are you looking to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and gain more business?

Social Media followers are simply those people who flood Twitter with retweets and spend their quality time on Facebook adding friends in hopes to gain customers through this technique.  The difference between these social media followers and the leaders is they are always looking for the next trend they think will help market their business.  The truth is, they are simply “following” the media in what they think is the marketing trend that works.

Sure social media is all about gaining exposure, but in order to drive value to your business you have to gain exposure through search engines as well.  Social media leaders utilize social media networks by incorporating industry participation with link building to increase search rankings and promote their brand even further.  They present new ideas, educate the followers, and don’t always go with the popular vote.  Leaders often make use of authoritative social networks such as LinkedIn, Squidoo, SlideShare, HubPages, and blogs who allow followed backlinks in blog posting, articles, videos, and other quality content.  Social media leaders take that extra step to benefit their online business by utilizing the convergence of social media marketing with search engine optimization.

While a recent study from Internet Retailer shows that there are still businesses who doubt the impact of social media as a business marketing strategy, Triangle Direct Media (TDM) continues to prove the value with strategically managed & executed client campaigns. Social networking is beneficial to businesses in gaining brand exposure from the “social” aspect, as well as driving higher search engine rankings. By utilizing powerful new media channels, such efforts are able to develop customized, authoritative content with incorporated backlinks to target websites, in turn, ranking very well in Google, Yahoo & Bing. Channels such as Hubpages, press releases, Squidoo, industry blogs, corporate blogs, etc serve as a foundation for helping establish top rankings, as well as exposing your brand to a qualified audience in online communities; while proactively addressing search reputation management.

TDM has been identifying and engaging relevant blogs for each client that allows “followed” backlinks as another source for “link juice”. By providing useful comments to relevant topics on these blogs while incorporating anchor text link to the client’s site, TDM is able to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of client’s backlinks. With these efforts, along with others within Triangle Direct Media’s Social Media Content & Link Building Services, TDM can effectively impact organic search engine rankings through the influence of social networks.

If considering an agency such as TDM, it’s important to consider your strategy for “first-tier” social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.  Be very careful here as these should be dealt with in-house, because of the more intimate, faster-paced conversations with your customers.  These first-tier social networks do not provide direct benefit to SEO purposes, as all of their backlinks are “no follow”.  You can utilize these first-tier sites by leading “fans”, “followers” or “participants” to the content created on authoritative social networks.  Don’t operate in a silo, ensure your strategy is holistic and figure out a way to leverage various social media channels in a way to magnifies user and search engine visibility.

No matter if you own a large or small business, in order to get ahead today in the online world you must create content on a regular basis that addresses key issues, problems and needs of your target customers. When you consistently update your blog, post unique articles on your website, as well as pictures and videos on social networks, you will start to see your online visibility grow. When creating content for the web, you not only need to post frequently but you need to post trustworthy content that is valuable to the reader. An article in USA Today points out; if you consistently create quality content, you must market it. But how do you know how to successfully market all of this authority content to benefit your business?

Triangle Direct Media (TDM), a new media marketing company, helps clients market to prospects by creating and producing optimized content for blogs, press wires, article distribution and social networks. Continuously producing fresh content for clients with embedded inbound links, TDM has been able to move its clients higher up in search engine rankings. Utilizing their network of over 3,500 highly-qualified bloggers, as well as highly-authoritative social networks and article distribution sites, TDM produces new media marketing and social media marketing campaigns that are highly-effective for clients.

As social media continues to influence natural search results, companies should be mindful of their content strategy, development and positioning with the intent to eductate, inform and instruct prospective customers —- and help their search rankings in the process.

As we all know, SEO is heavily influenced by securing external links to increase search rankings. The more relative and authoritative backlinks you have, the more visibly you will be found in search engines for your primary keywords. This poses an critical question for online marketers: What do you do in order to increase the number of relevant backlinks to your site?

Today, social networks have exponentially increased their presence on the Internet.  The time spent on social media sites is expanding, as over two-thirds of the world’s Internet users are using social networks to varying degrees. What better way than to create buzz through these user-generated content sites? In social media channels content is shared and created over and over, which is a benefit when it comes to incorporating keyword-rich links to your site within such content. These inbound links will increase the link authority of your site, and in time will increase your organic search rankings. While “followed links” are preferred, natural link growth will build a balance of followed and nofollowed links.  The participation and increase in “votes” to your site through brand mentions and social media content will positively impact rankings.

An article in ClickZ shares a few tips on how to easily gain online buzz.  Triangle Direct Media understands that flooding blogs and social networks using only brand promotional content is frowned upon. The key with social media is to actively participate in relative discussions to extend the conversation with a thoughtful comment, while including a relevant link to the client’s site as a useful resource for readers. By creating fresh content within these social media networks, you will increase your brand’s visibility and gain increase inbound links to your web site that helps to improve your organic search rankings. It’s important that brand advertisers recognize and leverage the convergence of social media with search engine optimization.

As marketing tactics are changing, many businesses are overlooking quality search engine optimization because of a lack in understanding of the industry and the complexities involved in effective SEO. Due to the shortage of knowledge in this field, most business executives end up choosing the SEO company who is most cost efficient, instead of which company is most effective in getting results. Executives focus too much on the job title and put too small of a price on SEO skill set when looking for the right company to help drive their business. As an article from Search Engine Watch explains, if SEO is about the effectiveness of organic rankings to drive traffic to your business, then searching through organic listings for an SEO company would be obviously be a good first step in finding a worthy SEO or SEO Audit company.

That particular tactic may be obvious, but where do you go from there when you choose that SEO company? To be found by people typing in various keywords or phrases in a search engine with Google’s shifting algorithm is an inexact process that takes a lot more skill, creativity, and thinking than traditional marketing strategies. SEO is a transformational process of a varied number of tactics over time that does not have a set budget for every business, as the needs for every business are not the same. This is why a technical sales assessment should be provided by an vendor you’re talking to.  Ideally, they will either determine your needs before a contract is signed, or they will offer a professional SEO audit service that leads into a customized SEO strategy.

The key to moving the needle in this industry today is educating businesses on SEO and its benefits so that they can see how these strategies will improve their rankings, traffic, conversions and Key Performance Indicators. Successful search engine marketing requires more than just the SEO professionals and tools they use. It involves a balance of technology, creativity, strategy and ongoing execution with improving website architecture, backlinks and on-page content.

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